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His dying message, among his last words to a rescue worker as he lay in the most extreme pain while pinned under the rubble of the devastated UN headquarters, rang out again today as it was recalled in a sombre ceremony on the airport tarmac: “Don’t let them pull the mission out.”,best bet casino parties,“For countries reeling from the consequences of conflicts, disasters and climate change, COVID-19 has turned a nutrition crisis into an imminent catastrophe,” Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director, said.  ,The latest incident comes on top of “an already-staggering number of attacks on healthcare personnel” reported since the end of March, said a statement released by UN agencies on Saturday; 245 health workers and 40 ambulance crews have been caught up in the attacks, according to data provided by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, PMRS and the Union of Health Work Committees. .

In a statement released late yesterday evening, the UN Spokesperson explained that Mr. Ban had voiced hope that the meetings would “pave the way for the peaceful resolution of outstanding issues” in respect of the constitutional framework and the work of the National Assembly.,Noting that UN’s response to such challenges remains fragmented, Mr. Guterres highlighted that changes needed to be made to rebalance the approach to peace and security.,UN News: The subtitle – A Reflection From No Man’s Land – how fitting is that, in your view?,zimbabwe pakistan cricket score.

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The head of the commission for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, or CTBTO, also welcomed the statement from the two leaders on ridding the Peninsula of nuclear weapons.,zimbabwe online betting sites,“While the prime responsibility of protecting civilians rests with the Government of Sudan, UNAMID shall continue to collaborate with the relevant government authorities on protecting civilians and engage with them regarding this matter at all levels,” said Jeremiah Mamabolo, UNAMID Joint Special Representative..

More than 25,000 Uruguayans have served in 21 peacekeeping missions since 1951, with some 2,400 Uruguayans currently serving under the blue flag. Twenty-seven Uruguayans died in UN service.,The Panel found what it described as “sufficient evidence” of three cases of chemical weapons use – two chlorine gas attacks on civilians by the Syrian air force, and another use of “sulphur-mustard” gas by the terrorist group ISIL, or Daesh – in Syria between 2014 and 2015.,zimbabwe pakistan cricket score,When the UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) closes its doors on 30 June of this year, it will mark the most recent successful completion of a peacekeeping operation in West Africa since the UN mission in Sierra Leone in 2005..

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In that context, the UN body reiterated its support for the Doha Document as a viable framework for the peace process, and welcomed the signing of an African Union (AU) High-Level Implementation Panel road map by the Government and armed movements and urged them to make immediate progress on its implementation.,On Friday, Secretary General António Guterres said that the time has come to end the offensive, start serious negotiations and avoid a prolonged civil war or the isolation of Afghanistan. ,Highlighting Bangladesh’s commitment to foster women peacekeepers and police, and increase the numbers who serve by 2020 and beyond, he told UN News from his base in Cyprus that it was “virtually impossible” to protect civilians who rely on UN peacekeeping missions around the world, without the participation of women..

best bet casino parties,According to media reports, protesters took to the street of Kabul, following Wednesday's terrorist attack in the diplomatic quarter of the city that killed and injured many civilians. The protesters blaming the Afghan Government for not having been able to stop a string of attacks in the capital clashed with riot police on Friday.,“The military conflict, particularly in Benghazi, continues to exact a heavy toll on the civilian population, adding to the existing humanitarian situation,” Mr. Kobler continued, noting that much of Benghazi – “the cradle of 17 February revolution” – is now a wasteland..

With the mosquito-borne dengue fever being epidemic in 21 localities and causing about one third of the fatalities among the 392 cases in Darfur, the World Health Organization (WHO) has helped implementing about one third vector control activities by providing trainings to medical staff and activating additional surveillance sites, according to the report.,“The UN role is the role of a facilitator and we will always be at the disposal of the parties willing to come to an agreement, if that would be the case,” he added.,In a Presidential Statement, the 15-member body strongly urged all Libyans to work together in a spirit of compromise and to engage constructively in the inclusive political process set out in the UN action plan, which was presented at a high-level event in New York on 20 September 2017..

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“As we are closing, the memory of those 159 persons and others in the Mission will continue to live in our minds, we will continue to pay special tribute to them and those who contributed to peace and security in Liberia” said the Major General.,Presenting a special report from the UN Secretary-General and the AU Commission Chairperson, Mr. Lacroix outlined two “central concepts” behind a new two-year strategy – each supporting the other.,“I remain concerned by reports that the foreign detainees have not received due legal process and may be held in inhumane conditions without consular access,” he said..

zimbabwe online betting sites,“We must do better at communicating the daily violence and intensifying deprivation in eastern Ukraine affecting millions of people,” added Ms. Mueller, who is also Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator.,According to UNICEF, more than 18 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Some four million children are not in school. Approximately 400,000 people have left their homes to seek refuge, more than half of whom are children. .

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“I took office last year calling for us to make 2017 a year for peace. One year later, we must recognize that peace remains elusive,” the Secretary-General said in his informal briefing to the UN Member States on his top concerns for 2018.,zimbabwe online betting sites,Recognizing the unprecedented economic hardship that people in Lebanon are facing and renewing the UN’s commitment to supporting Lebanon to respond to increasing needs, are two main issues addressed by Ms. Mohammed while on a two-day official visit to Lebanon for the opening of the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development, organized by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA). .

“Peace operations are at a crossroads. Our task is to keep them relevant with clear and achievable mandates, and the right strategies and support,” the Secretary-General told a Security Council meeting last month on the subject of peacekeeping. He also called on the 193-member General Assembly for political support and on the troop- and police-contributing countries for professional and committed personnel.,“Mr. Lahoud was rushed to hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. The colleagues he was travelling with were unharmed in the incident,” said ICRC.,zimbabwe pakistan cricket score,Two Chadian peacekeepers were killed and at least ten others injured when a camp of UN mission in Mali (known by its French acronym, MINUSMA) in Aguelhok, Kidal region, came under mortar attack at about 18:45 (local time) on 5 April..

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“Guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the African Union’s Agenda 2063, we must ramp up our efforts and harness the full potential of trade and industrialization to advance sustainable, inclusive growth,” the UN chief told participants. ,zimbabwe pakistan cricket score,The Secretary-General stressed that realizing the AfCFTA promise calls for action across four critical areas, starting with boosting access to financial resources and investment. ,A United Nations peacekeeping mission, known by the French acronym, MINUSMA, has been supporting the political process and stabilization efforts since 2013..

So far this week, Mr. de Mistura has met foreign ministers from several countries participating in the League of Arab States summit in Saudi Arabia.,Further, the Council also said that six years after the adoption of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, the people of Darfur had yet to fully benefit from it.,"We are shocked and outraged by the attack, which ultimately is aimed at the Iraqi people that the United Nations is trying to help," he said. "This senseless attack is a setback to the UN's humanitarian efforts to aid Iraqis who have been through decades of suffering.",zimbabwe online betting sites.

In 2017, UN-led humanitarian convoys reached 820,200 people inside Syria, according to UN relief agencies. ,zulubet volleyball predictions,“The Security Council urges the parties to use the opportunity created by the signing of the Road Map to resolve all outstanding issues related to CPA implementation and welcomes the parties’ commitment to take unresolved issues to arbitration as necessary,” the statement said.,“As of today, I can state that Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments,” he said in his introductory statement to the Board of Governors, one of the two policy-making bodies of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)..

The programme includes nine components. Three will be implemented in high priority communities where violent extremism may possibly emerge unless steps are taken to restore community trust, build confidence in the Government and open economic opportunities.,Also on Tuesday, Mr. Ban received the Uruguayan Medal of the Republic on behalf of the UN.,Speaking at the daily press briefing, António Guterres welcomed Russia’s decision to continue its involvement in the Initiative, which has allowed the safe export of more than 30 million tonnes of grain and other foodstuffs from Ukraine, via its Black Sea ports, and also aims to ensure the flow of food and fertilizer from Russia, through a Memorandum of Understanding.,zimbabwe pakistan cricket score.

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On 7 December, six rockets were reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. All but one landed short, without causing damage or injury. Israel Defense Forces responded by shelling a Hamas military installation in the Strip and bombing another from the air, causing damage but no injuries.,Concluding his address, the Amir of Qatar reiterated that the nation continue to work to strengthen the UN and that Qatar will remain, as is always the case, a safe haven for the oppressed, and will continue its mediation efforts to find just solutions in conflict zones.,At least 22 people have been killed and over 100 injured in clashes, which erupted following the arrest of a member of a criminal group by CAR’s security forces..

best bet casino parties,Today things have changed dramatically, and more and more, we see children as agents of change.,He also informed the 15-member Security Council that the Peacebuilding Fund had approved three new projects for Burundi worth .5 million and outlined several conclusions based on the Configuration’s recent work, which underscored the importance of the regionally-led dialogue, the 2020 elections, humanitarian efforts, improving socioeconomic development, the swift signing of Memoranda of Understanding – both between the Government and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), and between the Government and the African Union – and the deployment of observers to provide a more accurate picture of human rights and civil society developments in Burundi..

The UN chief’s call for a probe came as the Security Council convened an emergency meeting so its members could be briefed on the deadly incidents.,“Another reality is when the United Nations sides with terrorists over Israel, as the Kuwait resolution does, it only makes a peaceful resolution of this conflict harder to reach,” she added.,Of course, there is also something else here. So much more land is still not allocated. If we think about the border of Israelis, and what the boarder of the future Palestine are going to be. It’s an illusion to that unfortunate situation..

“Security sector reform is key to sustaining peace,” Miroslav Lajčák, the President of the General Assembly, said Monday at a high-level roundtable on the subject.,Security Council members also urged the international community to continue supporting the work being undertaken by the UN and humanitarian agencies in southern Bangladesh, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable refugees living there.,The Council also “encouraged all Libyans to engage with the political process of reconciliation and constitutional reform through peaceful and inclusive means, underpinned by respect for the rule of law.”.

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Their families will also be provided with three months’ worth of food assistance to support reintegration.,Security Council members also urged the international community to continue supporting the work being undertaken by the UN and humanitarian agencies in southern Bangladesh, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable refugees living there.,Ms. Mohamed was joined by Mohammed Bila, a representative of the Lake Chad Basin Commission based in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, and Senior Conflict Advisor at Adelphi, Chitra Nagarajan, in painting a picture of the factors behind people’s suffering in the Lake Chad Basin and driving some to terrorism one year after the Council adopted its first resolution on the activities of Boko Haram in the strife-torn region.  .

best bet casino parties,“This is a crisis that is going to last certainly more than six months in the sub-region, in Saint Vincent, and other islands.”  ,“There is no time to waste. Children in Yemen need peace. An end to this brutal conflict is the only way they can fulfil their potential, resume their childhood and, ultimately, rebuild their country,” she said in a statement on Monday. .

Ms. Deschamps said the shortcomings in the policies materialized in the response of the UN to the allegations in CAR. “Instead of reporting the allegations in an urgent manner, as the egregiousness of the alleged conduct dictated, they were kept quiet. As those who followed the matter know, it took months before France was given details on the allegations.”,Delegates also agreed on certain principles for the implementation of the measures leading to the end of the transition on 20 August 2012.,It condemns “in the strongest terms” any use of chemical weapons in Syria and expresses alarm at the alleged incident in Douma last weekend; demands full access and cooperation for the OPCW fact-finding mission; expresses the Council’s determination to establish a new impartial and independent attribution mechanism, based on a proposal by the Secretary-General; and requests the Secretary-General to dispatch immediately a high-level disarmament mission to Syria..

In a separate statement, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the top UN official in Afghanistan and head of the UN Assistance Mission there known as UNAMA, commended the Government and the Taliban for honoring the ceasefires.,Since 1948, more than 3,500 personnel have lost their lives serving in UN peace operations with 943 due to acts of violence. Since 2013, casualties have spiked, with 195 deaths in violent attacks, more than during any other 5-year period in history.,A statement issued by Mr. Ban's spokesperson said the UN chief is particularly concerned by the reported use of heavy weapons and by the large numbers of casualties, including among the civilian population..

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