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“All sides need to abide by what they agreed to and have their actions on the ground carefully monitored and scrutinized,” said David Shearer, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN peacekeeping mission in the country, known as UNMISS, referring to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed in December 2017.,best site to bet in kenya,“In the rest of Darfur, the UN system should leverage the capabilities of the agencies, funds and programmes best suited to tackling the problems that remain there.”,“The Secretary-General urges all relevant parties to put an immediate end to the fighting, fully respect the ceasefire agreement and take urgent steps to de-escalate the situation,” said the statement..

The call by the United Nations follows clashes last Friday, 30 March, during which thousands of Palestinians marched to Gaza’s border with Israel to protest the long-standing blockade of the enclave.,Mr. Ban “urges all parties to respect the ceasefire agreement, refrain from further violence and commit themselves to immediate de-escalation and continuing dialogue in the pursuit of a rapid and peaceful political solution,” according to the statement.,Progress has also been made in the Philippines, Sudan and Somalia, and Ms. Coomaraswamy said she was encouraged that more and more parties on the shame list are approaching the UN to enter into an action plan.,icc cricket world cup complete list.

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“It is imperative that concerted efforts be exerted towards mobilization of financial resources to consolidate and sustain the prevailing peace and stability in the region,” he concluded.,icc cricket world cup commentators,Across the country, the fighting between forces loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi supported by the Saudi coalition and Houthi rebels has left fewer than half of the country’s health facilities operational..

“I am shocked by this violent act and send my condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased. The roads are a vital connection between humanitarian organizations and communities in need, and we must be able to move safely across the country without fear,” he said in a statement on Thursday.,The 15-member body also demanded that all parties immediately end the fighting across the country, and further demanded that national leaders abide by the ceasefires agreed on 11 July 2016 and 22 May 2017, as well as the truce signed on 21 December 2017.,icc cricket world cup complete list,Turning to Syria, which he called “the most tragic example” of the international community’s failure “to address a peace and security, humanitarian, and human rights catastrophe,” Mr. Feltman said he saw that crisis as “more of a reason for us to recommit ourselves to pursue peace and justice, with even more determination and holding those responsible for crimes accountable.”.

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icc cricket world cup complete list

“As has been stated so many times already, there is no humanitarian or military solution to this conflict,” the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Stephen O’Brien, told the Security Council today.,The Secretary-General “welcomes” the trilateral meeting and their cooperation for “the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” said his Spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric, in a statement issued on Thursday.,Ms. Viotti added that small arms control is also a prerequisite for stability and conflict prevention, which are critical to maintaining peace and achieving sustainable development..

best site to bet in kenya,The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today announced an agreement with local leaders and Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) for the release of an agency-chartered ship, its 10-member crew and its cargo after it was hijacked off the coast six weeks ago while bringing aid to tsunami victims.,Civilians have been killed on a horrific scale, with reports suggesting more than 1,000 people killed in the first week of February alone. Strikes continue to hit hospitals, schools and markets, and there are several allegations of chlorine attacks..

“At a time of upheaval across the region, Lebanon cannot afford to be drawn into conflict with its neighbours,” he added, underscoring that countries in the region should work to avoid any steps that could lead to misunderstanding, confrontation or escalation.  ,In a separate statement, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan and the head of UNAMA said that it is a “moral outrage that the Taliban entered the hotel with the intention of killing civilians.”,Third, investment in longer-term infrastructure projects is needed to ensure Gaza remains livable..

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icc cricket world cup complete list

“In the rest of Darfur, the UN system should leverage the capabilities of the agencies, funds and programmes best suited to tackling the problems that remain there.”,icc cricket world cup commentators,Following six months of armed conflict in Libya in 2011, the UN established UNSMIL, a political mission, to support the country’s transitional authorities in their post-conflict efforts..

Now, as the UN celebrates its 70th birthday, this brittle seed has grown into 71 well-armed forces over the intervening years, comprising hundreds of thousands of troops and police from scores of donating Member States, equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for reconnaissance and muscular mandates to take the initiative in using force to protect civilians.,“Let us not forget that, ultimately, our efforts must be about ending the terrible suffering of the Syrian people,” he added.,icc cricket world cup complete list,Tedros insisted that there are solutions to the challenge, such as the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan..

This draft received six Council members’ votes in favour (Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan and Russia), seven against (France, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States) and two abstentions (Cote d’Ivoire and Kuwait).,icc cricket world cup complete list,“[However] no such steps were taken during the reporting period,” he added, noting that Israel’s “illegal settlement expansion and related activities continue further threatening the viability of the two-state solution and eroding the prospects for peace.”,“Children and families in Syria have suffered so much over the past decade, with still no end in sight,” Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director said in a statement. .

In the statement, the Council also welcomed the efforts of UN agencies working to address the “tragic humanitarian situation” in eastern Ukraine.,Prices of essential commodities in the country have skyrocketed, the value of the currency has dwindled, salaries have not been paid in months and in some cases, years, and the country’s health, water and sanitation, basic services and education system are in tatters, with money which could have been used to maintain such services and stimulate economy being used to fund the war.,Brigadier General Zewdu Kiros Gebrekidan: Peacekeeping, in high level positions, is covered mostly by men. I did not feel good about that because women make half of the society, so exclusion of half of the population does not achieve much in any job. So, although I am happy to be in this position, I am not happy that half of the society has been left out for far too long.,icc cricket world cup commentators.

Negotiations to resolve the name dispute began in 1993 and since 1999, have been led at the UN, by Mr. Nimetz.,pro kabaddi all team squad,After reviewing all the information gathered, the Mechanism found no evidence that armed opposition groups had been operating helicopters at the time and location of the cases investigated.,After months of talks – the dialogue that began earlier this year in Geneva has travelled to Morocco, Algeria and Libya itself dealing with different parties and tracks, including civil society representatives, political parties and political leaders – the United Nations assisted in drafted a proposed agreement to form a government of national and in early October, a six-member executive council was proposed to lead it..

A transitional government has since been established and entrusted with restoring peace. The conflict, however, has taken on increasingly sectarian overtones as the mainly Christian anti-Balaka movement took up arms and inter-communal clashes erupted again in and around Bangui.,Addressing a meeting of the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre Advisory Board, the Secretary-General said that “together with our international partners, we need to respond early and effectively in the cycle of conflict and radicalization and invest more in prevention.”,Last month, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, had voiced concern about steps taken by the country’s Government which seriously affected the ability of the judiciary to operate independently, and had warned that these undermined the rule of law and could lead to serious instability in the country.,icc cricket world cup complete list.

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“We are extremely concerned that the longer access to them is delayed, the worse their situation will become as supplies of food, including ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment of child malnutrition, medicines, water, fuel and other essentials run low,” said Henrietta Fore, the agency’s Executive Director. ,The Global Week “is a conduit” for fostering cooperation on this critical issue among all stakeholders, including government, international and regional organizations, businesses, and civil society, and for them to pool their experience, strength and expertise, she said.,The launch comes at a time when “arms control has been in the news every day, sometimes in relation to Iran and Syria, sometimes the Korean Peninsula,” said the UN chief..

best site to bet in kenya,Following a five-hour bus journey, 30 students and teachers of La Salle High School in Faisalabad, Pakistan, arrived at the UN Information Centre in Islamabad bearing banners that read STOP PRODUCING LANDMINES, according to the UN Coordinator for Afghanistan.,The UN refugee agency UNHCR reported on Thursday that six refugees from nearby Mali were among the 137 people who were killed on 21 March by assailants on motorbikes..

The UN’s SDG Stimulus Plan, explained the UN chief, aims to boost investments that will help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), relieve the debt burden of developing countries, and improving access to funding.,This photo story provides a behind the scenes look at how UN officials work to support the process of peace and reconciliation. Mr. Haysom’s visit to Faizabad in the northeast province of Badakhshan bordering Tajikistan, Pakistan and China took place in July 2013.,In sounding the alarm, Mr. de Mistura reiterated that is it the first time since his appointment (in July 2014), that he has issued such a warning..

This draft received six Council members’ votes in favour (Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan and Russia), seven against (France, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States) and two abstentions (Cote d’Ivoire and Kuwait).,“Being a girl child, I dreamt of occupying a powerful position to influence and create change in the community. It was the segregation of women that I experienced in my childhood that gave me the strength to add my voice in everything I did.”,Following the recent alleged use of chemical weapons in the formerly-besieged Syrian city of Douma, and previous instances verified by the UN since the brutal conflict began, Mr. Guterres said that a way had to be found to end their use..

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“The African Union (AU) is a vital partner in confronting the global challenge posed by terrorist groups, said Mr. Guterres, adding that he had been calling for a “higher platform of cooperation” with the AU, and he is proud the two organizations are indeed building that platform across the range of challenges and opportunities confronting the continent.,It involves direct engagement with these groups, in close consultation with the government.,In his update, Mr. Üzümcü also said that OPCW team worked independently and in not involved in the national investigation by the UK authorities and that no State Party is involved in the technical work that is being carried out by the Secretariat..

best site to bet in kenya,Turning to the ongoing strategic review of MINUSMA, he said the Mission is awaiting the Secretary-General’s recommendations with the hope that ensuing discussions will lead to a better alignment between its mandate and the realities on the ground.,Since fighting escalated in the Arabian peninsula State in March 2015, thousands of civilians have been killed and the vast majority of the population – some 22 million people – have become dependent on humanitarian assistance..

"While considerable progress has been achieved, political tensions in the country remain, affecting trust between the parties. Sectarian and individual interests continue to characterize and influence the peace process," he wrote then.,After rounds of voting at UN Headquarters in New York on Tuesday, only one non-permanent Council seat remains to be filled. Italy and the Netherlands had been vying for the remaining seat, but the voting yielded no clear winner. The two countries then suggested sharing the two-year term, each with a one-year period, with a decision on this proposal postponed to Wednesday.,In Bosnia and Herzegovina, he placed a special focus on the October general elections, noting the increase in political tensions when he met government officials at State and entity levels in Sarajevo and in Banja Luka. He also met members of the Speakers Collegium of both parliamentary chambers. Mr. Dieng paid tribute to the victims of past atrocity crimes with visits to memorial sites in Srebrenica and in Donja Gradina and visited the Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar..

On 4 October 1992, after two years of negotiations in Rome, the two parties signed a General Peace Agreement. As part of the accords, the Security Council established the UN Operation in Mozambique (known by the Portuguese-language acronym ONUMOZ) to monitor and support a ceasefire, the demobilization of forces and the holding of national elections.,Regarding Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), the UNMIK said that Pristina representatives attend all CEFTA meetings, and that UNMIK’s participation is limited to the requirements of the legal statutes.,On Saturday, Mr. Kubiš visited several polling stations in Fallujah, west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, describing the process very orderly and saying that he was very impressed to see the numbers of people, especially women, headed to vote..